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September 7-13, 1997

James' LEGO® Village

James Trobaugh
While you're touring the many pages devoted to James's large LEGO® village, take note of the many custom-made signs that adorn the various shops, businesses, and vehicles -- while these are not official LEGO® stickers, they add a special dimension and an extra level of realism. For a nice example of LEGO®/non-LEGO® fusion, don't miss the construction scenes on the Government Services page, in which painted backdrops appear. In place of recommending further specific pages for viewing, it is recommended that you visit the entire site page by page, even if you are on a slow connection. Although the images load slowly due to being reduced on the client side, they do expand very quickly from thumbnails to full-size images -- assuming your browser cache is set properly -- and although the photos are not 100% sharp, the lighting on the scenes is excellent. Overall, this site is full of many fun surprises and smirk-inducing creative commentary.

Finally, James has started a list of LEGO® imitators (clones). One page you should definitely check out is the Blocko page, which, very interestingsly, is an uncanny, totally shameless rip-off of LEGO®, right down to the same style of building instructions!

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