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August 24-30, 1997

LEGO® Space Pirates Home Page

Steve Tonner
This site is relatively unique in its pseudo-realist approach, which almost borders on storytelling. Combining official LEGO® models with models of his own design, Steve has created a hybrid world of models with dimension and character, accentuated by crew logs, photos of day-to-day life at the base, and humorous commentary. Droids play a significant role in Steve's world, although they do suffer from certain drawbacks, as amusingly demonstrated.

There are quite a few links here to follow -- mostly interleaved with the text -- so you may want to keep an eye out for a few pages such as the DY-47 Medium Cruiser, the swing-wing Scout Ship, the Personal Jet Backpack, the Raven Project, the Colonial Navy Hunter (a beefed-up version of the official LEGO® model 6982 Explorien Starship), the wicked-cool Deep Space Freighter, the Colonial Government Prison System, and the Principal Characters page, which introduces you to the cast and crew.

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