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August 17-23, 1997

Bob's LEGO® Page

Bob Klimasewski
This site contains, hands down, the most impressive collection of home-made minifigs ever put on display. Modification Master Bob, using Krazy Glue, model paint, and a sharp X-Acto blade, has created stunning likenesses of over sixty characters from Star Wars and Star Trek (including the Borg). All are excellent, and some are absolutely amazing. Bob's work clearly demonstrates that official LEGO® minifig designs have barely yet scratched the surface of what can be done with figurines of this size. Also on display here are technological models including the bridge of the Enterprise-D, with custom-painted bricks and control panels for increased realism.

These models are so excellent that if someone walked up to you on the street and showed you pictures of them, you might be convinced that they were official models.

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