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August 3-9, 1997

Bri's LEGO® Page

Brian Ward
The main attraction here is Brian's Spaceport, complete with pneumatic-action hangar roof, space port bar, and mean-looking guards. This is one of the oldest LEGO-fan sites on the web and one of the very first to show minifigs interacting in a large setting. Two years after its creation, it shows no signs of losing appeal.

Also on display are Brian's entries in the 1995 Summer Internet Building Contest, both of which do very well crossing thematic boundaries. The Crane is a space-style model which incorporates a variety of Technic parts for doing neat things, and the Train model is a functional LEGO® train built in the much-celebrated Blacktron I color scheme.

Finally, if you are a fan of the Adobe PostScript programming language, you'll enjoy Brian's pages of LegoPS samples. LegoPS was written years ago by Stefan Gustavson and may have been the first publicly-distributed, fan-created LEGO modelling package.

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