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July 27-August 2, 1997

Wombat's LDraw Page

Steven Walter
This week's site celebrates the ever-popular LDraw package for creating step-by-step building instructions for your own LEGO® models interactively on your computer screen, and remembers its author and designer, James Jessiman, who, tragically, passed away late last week at the youthful age of twenty-five. His invaluable contributions to the online LEGO® community will not just be remembered but revered.

A gallery of more than 75 models by more than a dozen LDraw devotees is showcased at this week's site. Note that complete step-by-step building instructions for the holy grail of all space sets, the Galaxy Explorer, are given on the Space sub-page in LDraw's native .DAT format. Two other official LEGO® space models also appear here.

It has been said about James that no one loved LEGO® so much as he. Witness the very existence of LDraw, and the myriad of pieces and models it handles, as a living testament to the truth of this statement. It should also be added that James greatly loved people, for his untiring devotion to LEGO® was exceeded only by his untiring devotion to his users.

James, your contributions over the years have been so incredibly appreciated. With great sorrow we bid you farewell, and promise you will never be forgotten.

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