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July 13-19, 1997

T.E.K. Legoverse

Terrell Keller
This energetic site is divided into two major categories, each of which is further divided into three subcategories. The first major category is the Legoverse Force Review, consisting of Air, Space, and Assault models. One of the first things that struck me about this site was the innovative use of various round elements in gun turrets. One such innovation can be seen in the excellent close-ups of the Daimön air fighter. Another thing that struck me was the creative use of hollow Space wheels as rocket engines. This is something people have been doing for a long time -- but Terry takes it another step by using Technic gears as axial turbines. Check out the tasty Destruere interceptor model for a great example. Moving on to the Space subcategory, don't miss the ACM EXP Light Attack Fighter with its forward-swept wings, the Scorpion Attack Fighter with its unique shape, and the Devastator Fighter with its incredible degenerate-matter accelerator guns and vectored thrusters. The Assault Drop Ship is an amazing piece of work with numerous hatches and canopies for quickly deploying a crew of "autonomous combat mechs." The ACM level-2 and ACM level-3 are some of the coolest-looking mechs on the web today.

The other half of the site features non-Legoverse models, coming from Star Wars, Star Trek, and from the military. The Quadex Kyromaster image on the B-Wing Starfighter page, by the way, shows a really neat use of the conical 4x4x2 brick which commonly appeared as a giant thruster in classic Space models. On the E-Wing page is another great example of engine turbines and a new use for Technic axle extenders and worm gears. It almost seems as though Terry has a magic gift for turning any given LEGO® element into a weapon component of some sort. If you're into that sort of thing, you definitely won't want to miss the F-15-inspired fighter model -- especially the underside -- which is quite heavily laden with weaponry.

Note that you can access the Central Technical Blueprint Repository for step-by-step LDRAW renderings of the models. This section, however, is a work-in-progress, although some models already available now.

Innovative uses of pieces, judicious use of non-square angles, careful attention to color, excellent photography, and densely packed useful commentary make this site an exceptionally inspirational treat for Space fans.

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