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July 6-12, 1997

Max Braun's Original LEGO®Creations

Max Braun
Here, among other models, is a giant LEGO® wasp with enough hairs and legs to cause nightmares. The design is gorgeous, with a multi-segmented tail and octagonal glowing eyes. Dual pincers in one of the close-ups look as though they may start moving at any moment and devour a stray finger. This WaspZUKI model is a descendant of an earlier model which took 1st Place at a regional building contest.

Also on display is a giant windmill standing over five feet tall, complete with a minifig-scale observation deck, cafe, gear house, and grinding room, and several more traditional models such as a pirateship and a sizeable bust of the 19th Century Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Note the refined use of sloped bricks in the Schubert model, particularly in the facial regions.

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