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June 29-July 5, 1997

Erik Wilson's LEGO® Creations

Erik Wilson
This site showcases several years worth of Erik's model building, so there is quite a bit here to see. If you're short on time, I recommend starting with the Temple of Christiansen, the Billund Temple, and the Marble Statuary on the Acropolis Project page, the Landrover, the Alternate Space Themes (some of these are a real hoot), the Spyrius vs. Space Police Chess Set, the French and English Napoleonics pages, the Early Wild West Theme page, the Castle Stuff page, and John Marlin's Battleship Washington.

Also check out the "auctionbot" which Erik's brother Rolf wrote. This auctionbot is written in Perl and comes with source code so that you can run your own automated auction.

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