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June 15-21, 1997

Minx's LEGO® Fan Pages

Minx Kelly
This is a gigantic and wonderful site with nearly 200 photos of Minx's own LEGO® creations. The main attraction is BunnyLand, an extensive amusement park covering a 6-foot by 12-foot area of floor and containing bumper cars, carnival games, a race track, a ferris wheel, a food court, a gift shop, a Jacob's Ladder, an ampitheatre, a carousel, a pirate show, a kids playground, a whirligig, toilet stalls, tram, and an amazing rollercoaster made from monorail. Somehow, Minx has even managed to use 5 of the curved monorail tracks in a 450° ascending/descending spiral.

If you've ever wondered what the large clear rounded domes from Paradisa sets could be used for, this is the site to visit. Check out the Aviary model, which integrates these pieces exceedingly well.

As well as these and other models, this site also contains an extensive LEGO-fan link collection, descriptions of some fun games to play with LEGO® bricks, a summary of Forestmen and Dark Forest sets, a list of female minifigs, a complete listing of all Pirate System and Paradisa sets, a personal account of the first "LEGO Fest," held during the summer of 1995, and a light-spirited page entitled "You know you're addicted to LEGO when...

Finally, if you dare enter the PG-rated section of this site, you should definitely seek out Rod's Nightclub, a model with a level of realism unparalleled by any other bar/nightclub model on the net today.

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