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May 25-31, 1997

Bram's LEGO® Page

Bram Lambrecht
James Jessiman's versatile LDRAW software package is becoming the premiere tool for CAD rendering of home-brew LEGO® models. Bram is a self-taught expert in LDRAW and is developing a tutorial to help others. (When the tutorial is completed, it may well be selected as another Cool LEGO Site of the Week pick, based on its utility.)

On display at Bram's site today are a delightful bunch of models Bram has designed and rendered using LDRAW. I recommend checking them all out, but if you're pressed for time, start with the Space Cannon (part of the Interstellar Battleship page), the Alien VT-7 (based on the offical LEGO® model 918 Space Transport), the Alien XF-4, the X-Oid Mech, the Ice Planet: The Dark Side train and walker, and all the Star Wars models. (Warning: At the time of this writing, the Star Wars intro page suffers from an auto-loading MIDI music file.) This site is one which is sure to continue evolving in great ways.

LEGO® purists should beware that Bram has taken some liberties with colors, for example creating green and brown versions of pieces that don't (yet) exist in green and brown.

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