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Oct 25-31, 1998

Promotional LEGO® Set Database

Huw Millington
Huw has recently updated and upgraded his Promotional LEGO Set Reference into an active online database. You can display sets in a range, search by keyword, or display a specific set by number if you already know it — and all the search results come up showing thumbnail images.

May 18-24, 1997

Huw's LEGO® Pages

Huw Millington
There are many areas of this great site to explore. If you're at all curious about what going to LEGOLAND is like, or want to refresh your memory, Huw has taken several dozen high-resolution pictures of the giant models at LEGOLAND Windsor, which you can enjoy simply by clicking. This is a must-see for all LEGO® fans.

Rounding out the reference material on this site are complete scans of the 1997 UK Spares Catalog (useful information for LEGO® fans that the official LEGO® web site unfortunately does not provide), a virtual catalog of 1997 European (non-U.S.) LEGO® sets (yet more useful information not found on the official LEGO® web site!), and a splendid guide to 1970's LEGO® Sets, complete with photos and excellent narrations.

If you're an Aquazone fan, don't miss Huw's original creations, complete with step-by-step building instructions that you can download. If you own Visio 4.0, a popular graphic design software package, you can also download a copy of Huw's Visio LEGO shapes library, which contains several hundred shapes for drawing your own creations.

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