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May 4-10, 1997

Alain Surdez's LEGO® Creations

Alain Surdez
What this page lacks in narrative text, it makes up for in photos that speak volumes. This is a serious study in amusement park design -- here you can see a carousel, two ferris wheels, an airplane ride, a "zipper" (a ride with two counter-weighted cabins in which the passengers are inverted at the top), and an "octopus" (a fast, emetic ride with several smaller rotations inside a larger rotation).

Not only do the models make judicious use LEGO® Technic parts and motors, but they're skillfully colored as well, with bright colors on the cars and cabins, and with dark and muted colors on the beams and motors. The mechanizations are so realistic that the pairs of horses on the carousel, for example, actually move up and down -- 180° out of phase. Now that's attention to detail!

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