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April 27-May 3, 1997

Altered States LEGO® Page

Joseph Gonzalez
Joseph is carving himself a niche by specializing in new alternative designs for official LEGO® models. Of course this is something every LEGO builder does, but the difference here is that Joseph creates interesting models by re-using pieces in a given set without mixing in other sets, a particularly difficult challenge traditionally undertaken only by a divine few at LEGO Systems.

By designing alternative models that give even the best model on the back of the box a run for its money, Joe helps illustrate how truly flexible the LEGO building system is, and how far you can go with a single set, even in the face of concerns about too many specialized pieces. One look at the King's Castle and Explorien Starship alternate models and even the biggest skeptic can see the light.

Step-by-step building instructions are provided for several of these original designs, for example the BT Screamer, using pieces from the 6981 Aerial Intruder set, and the Stellar Scythe, using pieces from the 1789 Star Hawk II set.

Beyond that, there are original models of the usual type to see here, and a small collection of LEGO-published dioramas -- all good inspiration and food for thought. The bandwidth at this site is high, but it's worth an exhaustive self-guided tour, even if you have to do it in several sessions.

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