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April 13-19, 1997

Skull Craag Keep

Dan Jezek
Here is a wicked, massive, no-nonsense LEGO® castle built atop a rocky layer of BURPs. (BURP is a acronym for Big Ugly Rock Piece.) The BURP layer sits atop a 4x4 matrix of 32x32 baseplates and elevates the castle from the surrounding moat, with additional green baseplates sitting atop the BURP layer at the base of the castle. Spooky walk-through skull decorations, a frighteningly tall tower with attic, and other treacherous skeletal surprises greet the unsuspecting visitor. Close-up photos show that a lot of thought went into the details. Like Ed Boxer's castle, this is the kind of detailed model you could spend hours admiring and playing with.

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