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February 23-March 1, 1997

James Jessiman's Unofficial LEGO® Pages

James Jessiman
James was one of the first LEGO® fans ever to create full-color building instructions on the computer. Using a program called LDraw, which he wrote and which you can download a copy of, James documented the step-by-step building process for several models he designed. (At least one model has over 60 steps!) These creations are a great example of how several LEGO® sets can be mixed and recombined. Examples here use parts from Train, Model Team, and Technic sets.

The other half of this site contains a gigantic LEGO® parts list. Over 650 unique parts are categorized here, with pictures and an availability graph showing color versus year. Two excellent sample pages showing James's hard work are the 6000-6099 page, which pictures the baseplate from the Aquazone set 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab and some other large pieces, and the 3024 page, which even by itself is a monumental color categorization achievement. Though this list is a work-in-progress, there are really quite a lot of pieces already categorized, and James is always adding more and making improvements to the listing interface. If you take the time to browse the entire parts list, you may be surprised to see pieces you never knew existed!

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