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February 16-22, 1997

The Minifig Generator

Suzanne Rich
[This week's pick is so unique, it gets its own new category "Interactive."]

The Minifig Generator is a great exploration toy for kids and adults alike. Using your mouse, you select LEGO® body parts (heads, torsos, legs) from a list on the screen and create new combinations instantly before your very eyes. Click on a head, the head changes. Click a different torso, the torso changes. Want different legs? Click different legs. Want something different altogether? Click the randomizer button and watch the computer shuffle in its own choices. The results can be frighteningly amusing! When you're ready, you can "build" your creation into its own floating window, give it a name, and print it out. The design is simple, elegant, and intuitive.

The Minifig Generator requires Netscape 3.0 or higher.

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