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February 2-8, 1997

LEGO Stuff!

Daniel W. Ruby
Ever wish you were a LEGO® minifig?

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Daniel's Kings of Suburbia page. Using ray-tracing techniques, he has superimposed the faces of several famous historical entrepeneurs onto LEGO® minifig heads, creating remarkable likenesses. I couldn't help giggling in admiration. A contemplative-faced minifig portrait of Daniel also appears on his homepage and in his Plastic Self Portrait image. If only we could all do this!

Space fans should also take note of Daniel's cool Star Wars Trilogy models and other original space designs. And finally, don't miss the "Hold it right there, Tex" image -- if you're a graphic designer and into LEGO®, it's a nice piece of work that makes you say, "Dang, why didn't I think of that?!"

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