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July 5-11, 1998

Jeff's LEGO® Page

Jeff Christner
Jeff has moved and expanded his site to cover the Nova Township in which Sixby Fire Tech resides. The new sections are every bit as impressive as the earlier ones, and some tips are shown on how to integrate non-LEGO® train coupling and switching technologies for additional realism.
December 15-21, 1996

The Sixby Fire Tech Home Page

Here is a unique approach to LEGO® web site creation: a minifig-scale mock fire supply company "Supplying Fire Apparatus to the LEGO World." You'll find 3 kinds of pumpers, 4 kinds of ladders, 4 kinds of airport crash/fire/rescue units, and 10 kinds of various fire equipment. Beautifully designed models and first-rate photography make this site a real pleasure to visit.

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