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July 7-13, 1996

Suzanne's LEGOphile Homepage

Suzanne Rich
This new site is a rare treat which promises to unfold in wonderful ways over the coming months. The heart of the site is a LEGO® town called Legopolis. There's a lot here when you follow all the links, so if you're crunched for time, I'd recommend checking out the Hole-in-the-wall Bar page, the Cozy Yellow Cottage page, the Bathroom page, the Flower Seller page, the Citizens pages, and the Mini-Figure scale medieval Chess pages first before a return visit. This site would be great for the pictures alone, but what makes it really great is the combination of the pictures with Suzanne's special brand of humor in the words accompanying the pictures. You can also download some cool background images for your web page and stroll through the "LEGO-Cam" gallery.

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