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June 23-29, 1996

The Construction Toy Homepage

Joe Lauher
This web site is devoted to construction toys, primarily LEGO® Technic and Model Team:
  • Each month, this site features a different LEGO® set; Joe builds the model and then takes superb photos from various angles. The Model of the Month feature goes back to January, 1995.
  • There is a comprehensive guide to Technic and Model Team sets, complete with pictures.
  • There are pictures of early LEGO® Hobby Sets.
  • You can find LEGO® Idea Book covers going back to 1980, and LEGO® catalog covers going back to the late 70's (including Samsonite-era LEGO® catalogs).
  • In 1995, Joe hosted a Summer Building Contest. You can see pictures of the 37 entires and the winners.
  • Space fans: check out Joe's original Spyrius Quadropod model.

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