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Project Timeframe
It is a goal that an initial portion of Phase I be completed and activated for use by January 1, 1998, and a more workable portion of Phase I be completed and activated by February or March. It is a further goal that all three major Phases (I, II, and III) will be completed and in widespread use by the end of 1998 (except the shipping and currency exchange hub, which is more likely to occur in 1999). What is more important than a pre-defined time schedule, however, is that everything be tested carefully to prove its completeness, correctness, and ease of use prior to its widespread activation. In other words, development is full-steam-ahead, but there will be no scrambling and all-nighters to meet arbitrary predetermined deadlines. Project quality is of the utmost importance. And for a group of fans so enthusiastic that some have been known to claim "Give me LEGO or give me death!" and "It's not just a toy -- it's a way of life!" the quality of an online experience can make or break someone's day. Phases will be activated as soon as they become ready and stable

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